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During a recent conversation with the founders of

During a recent conversation with the founders of, the topic quickly turned to the demand for luxury pre-owned watchesis soaring to levels few seem to have anticipated, and some items are fetching prices that are “insane,”as one famous Hollywood producer and fine timepieces collector recently commented. Brands and analysts try largely explaining that thisferventinterest, is due to the growing appreciation for vintage or rare luxury items, as well as the sharpened focus on certification and authentication. With the emergence of this buoyant market, a legion of retailers has pivoted in its direction, but most seem to be in the game for a quick profit, showing little concern for product quality and service standards. It is increasingly challenging for buyers toreceive both the best deal and the high level of customer attention one associateswith a luxury purchase.  YourWatch.comis adamant that there can be no compromise: the leading retailer of luxury unworn and pre-owned watches, who confirms they have the lowest pricesis on a directcourse to disrupt the market, placing its confidence in the combination of literallyunrivaled prices and unmatched service quality, complete with concierge services to all clients.  

The YourWatch.comproject is the culmination of more than 25 years at the top of the luxury watch industry, and it has never strayed from its goal to redefine the customerexperience – a quest in which it relies on in-house experts with profound industry knowledge.One key reason behind the success of the New York City-based company is its ability to ship the products immediately, which is due to the fact thatit maintains an enormous inventory, all of the watches offered are in stock at all times. In contrast, other luxury e-commerce sites claim to have the products in stock, buttheir clients are left waiting for weeks or even months while the vendor struggles to procure the purchased item. YourWatch.comhas made speedy delivery one of its signature traits: it dispatches the acquired watches immediately to any part of the world, with US buyers receiving theirs within 24 hours. In addition, clients enjoy the benefit of a luxury concierge service for every timepiece sold, which complements a customer care package that has allowed to become the most trusted online retailer ofluxury pre-owned and unworn watches.

Having the products in stock already sets the company apart from the competition, but this is by no means its only leverage. It offers an outstanding selection of fine Swiss timepieces, including the iconic watches of brands such as Hublot, Audemars Piguet, Chopard, Bvlgari, Rolex and Patek Philippe. Besides the opportunity to acquire a horologic masterpiece, people who shop at can also expect to get the best prices on the market. One thing the company is immensely proud of is the fact that it has never knowingly undersold on pre-owned unworn watches. Although luxury goods buyers are by default big spenders, all shoppers expect to get the best deal, and YourWatch.comhas made it a rule to oblige. 

Dedicated to elevating standards in the market, the company is relying first and foremost on unbeatable prices and impeccable customer service, which has already pushed it far ahead of the competition. has become the ultimate place to buy luxury pre-owned and unworn watches due to applying the winning formula of an impressive collection of the latest timepieces, immediate shipment, attractive prices, and outstanding service.

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